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Advent is a time of “active waiting”– allowing God the time and the space to turn our hearts back toward Himself and refocus our live on the Christ child in the manger.

Jesus shares the story of Lazarus and the rich man to teach us several truths about the place called Hell.

Gratitude is not based on what’s going on around us, but it is built upon who is living in us.

Even when it seems that God is silent, we can still praise Him even in the midst of pain and uncertainty and injustice.

God has not left us. He has not forsaken us. He loves us.

You can never drift far enough away from God to stop His love for you.

You can give with confidence knowing God will keep His word to meet all your needs and honor your obedience.

The concept of a hope of Heaven is a confident assurance of a future reality.

Generous grace giving begins when we recognize the extreme emphasis that the Bible places on money.

Giving is a response to grace. The ultimate motivation for our giving should be to give ourselves to the Lord.

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