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What would you do if you received a phone call from God?

What happens when I learn to become aware that I am loved by God?

You have been called not just to be loved by God; you’ve been called to belong to God.

Getting rid of our corrupt principles is not enough. We must add new, gracious ones to replace them.

How you get to where God wants you to be in this life is not a sprint–it’s a marathon.

Being a blessing to others not only brings them joy; it brings joy to you as well.

For God to gather his family, somebody has to pass on the good news.

The only hope your friends, family, neighbors and community have for eternal life is your willingness to live and speak the good news of Christ.

When nothing else matters in your life but what matters to the Lord, His work will get done and your life will be fulfilling and meaningful.

Are you in a deep enough relationship with Christ that you can determine his leadership and vision for your life? It starts with an attitude of surrender.

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